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Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:52:19 +0000

Amazon Tap portable Alexa smart speaker is on sale for $34.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

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The Amazon Tap is currently available for $34.99 through Woot. Unlike some of Woot’s deals for used or refurbished items, this sale is for a brand new speaker. The Tap is Amazon’s discontinued portable Alexa speaker that comes with a rechargeable battery built-in. The sound quality of the Tap is better than the Echo Dot, but not quite as good as the full-sized Amazon Echo. When you’re near WiFi, the Tap has nearly all the same Alexa capabilities as Echo speakers and can stream audio from all the expected sources. For when there’s no network to connect to, the Tap can serve as a standard portable speaker by connecting to your phone over Bluetooth or its 3.5mm auxiliary-in port. It’s a bit of a shame that Amazon never released a successor to the Tap. Mine still gets quite a bit of use as my go-to speaker for when I’m working in the yard, grilling, or just relaxing outside. At this new all-time low price, I’d recommend the Amazon Tap simply as a great “dumb” Bluetooth speaker. All of its Alexa capabilities are just a huge bonus. This sale is for today only or until they sell out.



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