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Fri, 14 Dec 2018 20:29:36 +0000

Sonos Beam Soundbar w. built-in Alexa is on sale for $349 — Lowest Price Ever

Get this Sonos Beam Deal

The Sonos Beam Soundbar is on sale for $349.00 on Amazon. This price matches the price it was during Sonos’s Black Friday sale, which is the lowest it has ever been. The Sonos Beam comes with Alexa built-in, so you can use your voice, hands-free, to control the volume. The Sonos Beam was specifically made to work well with Fire TV devices, so you can use Alexa to launch apps and start playing content without touching a remote. If you have a modern TV with HDMI-CEC, you’ll also be able to turn your TV on or off by voice. It also has a night mode where it will boost the volume of quiet sounds, like whispers, while lowering loud sounds, like explosions, so that you can watch content at an enjoyable level without needing to constantly adjust the volume to keep from waking people up. The Sonos Beam is available in either Black or White.



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