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Thu, 21 Mar 2019 19:47:36 +0000

Twitch app for Amazon Fire TV receives major redesign with live previews, dark UI, and text/voice chat

The Twitch app for Amazon Fire TV devices has just been updated with a major redesign. Most of Twitch’s signature purple and white color scheme is gone and in its place is a much darker and subdued color palette. The interface has been simplified by removing the navigation menu on the left, making it quicker to jump around the different areas of the app. Functionally, the biggest change is the addition of a video feed of whatever your cursor is on as the app background, making it possible to preview a channel or video before clicking into the full screen view.

The big purple navigation menu that took up the left side of the screen in the old version of the Twitch app is gone. There are now a few buttons across the top that can be used to get to the home screen, the game browse screen, search, and your profile. The top third of the app’s navigation is now dominated by a live preview video of whatever your cursor is highlighting.

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