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Mon, 18 Mar 2019 23:19:52 +0000

How to move and organize Fire TV apps with the new Pinning feature

As of software update for older Fire TV models, like the Fire TV boxes and Fire TV Sticks, and software update for newer Fire TV models, like the Fire TV Stick 4K and Fire TV Cube, the way to arrange the order of your apps and channels on the home screen and the app grid has changed. It’s no longer possible to move apps up and down the list. Instead, you can now select to pin apps to the front of the list. I’m told that the ability to move apps will be added to the new pinning feature in a future software update, but, until then, here is the best way to control the arrangement of your apps and channels.

It’s first helpful to understand how apps and channels are ordered by default and how pinning affects that order. Pinning an app moves it to the very front of the list, no matter what. If you pin three apps, for example, the third pinned app will be at the front of the list, with the second pinned app behind it. Whenever a new app is installed, it will be placed immediately after the last pinned app. If you have no apps pinned, this means the newly installed app will be the first app on the list. When an app is unpinned, it behaves the same way as a newly installed app, meaning, an unpinned app will be placed immediately after the last pinned app. Apps installed prior to the pinning update will come after pinned, newly installed, and unpinned apps.

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