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Wed, 18 Apr 2018 18:17:19 +0000

YouTube app for Amazon Fire TV now remembers your browser preference

A small but helpful update has been released to the official YouTube app for Amazon Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Edition televisions. The app is still essentially just a bookmark that opens YouTube in either the Silk Browser or Firefox, thanks to Google wanting to hurt Amazon, but now the app remembers which browser you last selected and makes sure to highlight that same choice the next time you open the app. There is no option to skip the browser selection screen and always load a specific browser, but at least now you won’t have to pause to check that your preferred browser is highlighted when using the app to access YouTube. Those of you who want to skip having to select a browser each time should use my Bookmarker for YouTube app instead, because it was made specifically for that purpose.



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