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Fri, 10 Aug 2018 16:38:45 +0000

Alexa will be added to more cars thanks to Amazon’s new Alexa Auto Software Development Kit

Several auto manufacturers have already worked with Amazon to add Alexa into the infotainment system of their vehicles. The number of Alexa-enabled cars should begin to increase because Amazon has just announced the release of an Alexa Auto Software Development Kit (SDK). This new SDK should make it easier for automakers to add Alexa capabilities to their vehicles, such as calling, navigation, media streaming, local search, and more features. The SDK allows automakers to hook Alexa into their own existing systems. For example, asking Alexa for directions would launch the car’s native navigation system or asking Alexa to place a call could use the car’s connection to your phone, instead of Alexa’s calling capabilities. The myriad of usual Alexa capabilities would, of course, also be accessible.

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