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News and Features - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL's RSS feed brings you the latest press releases, feature stories and slide shows from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL has explored every planet in the solar system with robotic spacecraft.

After Two Long Careers, QuikSCAT Rings Down the Curtain

With Thick Ice Gone, Arctic Sea Ice Changes More Slowly

All Eyes on Hurricane Michael

Fight and Flight: One Woman's Fearless Journey to the Stars

Painting Cars for Mars

NASA Study Connects Southern California, Mexico Faults

NASA's ARIA Maps Indonesia Quake, Tsunami Damage

NASA Voyager 2 Could Be Nearing Interstellar Space

Groundbreaking Science Emerges from Ultra-Close Orbits of Saturn

Curiosity Rover to Temporarily Switch 'Brains'

Mars Virtual Reality Software Wins NASA Award

Finding Open Water in Greenland's Icy Seas

JPL Airborne Mission Is One of Five New Earth Ventures

NASA Tests Tiny Satellites to Track Global Storms

Opportunity Emerges in a Dusty Picture

NASA Study Untangles Smoke, Pollution Effects on Clouds

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