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News and Features - NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JPL's RSS feed brings you the latest press releases, feature stories and slide shows from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL has explored every planet in the solar system with robotic spacecraft.

Six Things About Opportunity's Recovery Efforts

Carbon Monoxide from California Wildfires Drifts East

ASTERIA Wins Small Satellite Mission of the Year Award

NASA Finds Amazon Drought Leaves Long Legacy of Damage

Water Is Destroyed, Then Reborn in Ultrahot Jupiters

New Satellite Map Shows Ground Deformation During Indonesian Quake

New Study: The Arctic Carbon Cycle is Speeding Up

Meet the People Behind NASA's InSight Mars Lander

The Fading Ghost of a Long-Dead Star

NASA's 'Space Botanist' Observes California, Nevada Wildfires

NASA's MISR Views Raging Fires in California

Students Can Now Build Their Own Rover Model

JPL Helps Educate the World's Future Educators

Space Station Experiment Reaches Ultracold Milestone

NASA Satellite Image Shows Lava Flow from Hawaii Volcano

NASA Statement on Possible Subsurface Lake near Martian South Pole

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