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RedShark News - RedShark News

RedShark is a multiplatform online publication for anyone with an interest in moving image technology and craft.

Canon EOS R: Flawed or fundamentally different?

How to benchmark your After Effects workstation

8K is here, but its true success or failure could hang on the humble HDMI cable

This could be the ultimate guide to production workflow

ProRes export is now officially supported within Windows Premiere Pro

Turn motion smoothing off! Tom Cruise says the soap opera effect is bad.

Samsung's new 860 QVO SSDs could be the start of an SSD capacity revolution

The 5G capable Snapdragon 855 is another huge step change in mobile processing

Channelling Christopher Nolan? Here are some great tips for shooting a dynamic WWII aerial sequence of your own.

Canon C700FF: what can you really do with a 5,9K Full Frame Camera?

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