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TechRadar - All the latest technology news

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 09:28:18 +0000

Fable 4: everything we know so far

[Update: Though we don't have any additional Fable 4 reveals, those desperate to return to Albion may be glad to hear that Fable Fortune leaves Early Access this week. Based on the Fable franchise and developed by ex-Lionhead staff the competitive card game will go into full free-to-play release on February 22 for both Xbox One and PC.]

Despite being one of Microsoft’s most beloved exclusive IPs, Fable is a franchise with a very troubled history and we haven’t seen a mainline installment since Fable 3 was released in 2010. 

After an unsuccessful attempt to pivot to an online games-as-service model with Fable Legends, followed by the eventual closure of developer Lionhead Studios, many thought we’d never experience another traditional single-player Fable adventure.

However, when Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in early 2017 that the series wasn’t dead and still had places to go, hopes were understandably raised. Even more recently, reports have emerged that Playground Games, the developer behind the Forza Horizon series, is working on the fourth Fable game. 

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