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TechRadar - All the latest technology news

Sat, 26 May 2018 05:00:31 +0000

The best iPhone 8 deals in May 2018

iPhone 8 deals are waaaaaay more affordable than the eye-wateringly expensive iPhone X. If you want one of the latest iPhone without paying silly money, then the iPhone 8 is the Apple handset to go for - and the great news is that it's just had a bit of a price drop.

Despite being the X's cheaper brethren, the iPhone 8 still cost a pretty penny when it was released last year. Was it a mere coincidence that the price dropped around the same time the new Samsung Galaxy S9 was being released? We think not! But that's great news for Apple fans.

You can save yourself lots of money by using TechRadar's price comparison tool on this very page. And to make it even easier for you to get the best price on the Apple iPhone 8, we've picked out specific recommendations  further down the page so you can easily locate the most attractive deals at different data points, networks and budgets.

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The BEST iPhone 8 deal in the UK today:

Filter and compare all of the iPhone 8 deals available in the UK:

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