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TechRadar - All the latest technology news

Sat, 15 Dec 2018 10:00:55 +0000

TechRadar Christmas wishlist 2018: what we want to see under the tree this year

With a little over a week to go until the big day, the TechRadar team is desperately scrabbling to finish their Christmas shopping. We may be sifting through gifts for others, but that little selfish part of us is daydreaming about what we may be unwrapping on December 25.

It's unlikely we'll all see what we've listed here this Christmas, but we thought we'd offer you a sneak peek into the gadgets we're looking forward to testing out or lusting after this Christmas.

Some of the items in this list near on $3000 / £2500, so it's unlikely we're set to see this wrapped up under the Christmas tree unless you're a particularly generous donor. 

None of this stops the TechRadar writers and editors dreaming though, and below you'll find entries specifically from members of our team.

 John McCann: Senior Editor, Phones

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