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TechRadar - All the latest technology news

Sat, 26 May 2018 00:58:52 +0000

OnePlus 6 doesn't have wireless charging, yet has a glass back – here's why

The new OnePlus 6 has almost everything you'd want in a flagship phone for a very affordable price, but it is missing one feature we expected: wireless charging.

It's surprising because the OnePlus 6 has a glass back, a switch from the aluminum shell on the OnePlus 5T and all OnePlus phones before it (except the old OnePlus X). 

Electricity easily passes through glass, whereas it cannot easily pass through metal-backed phones due to interference. It's one reason why the iPhone X and iPhone 8 switched to all-glass bodies last year. 

OnePlus team decided the feature isn't for them, though. There are a few reasons for their design decisions, according to the OnePlus representatives we talked to. 

Reason 1: OnePlus 6 Dash Charge is far superior

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