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Kodi News

Wed, 12 Dec 2018 12:23:41 +0000

2018 - Looking Back...

So, the sun starts to set on 2018, and another year draws to a close. At the same time, we stand ready to launch Kodi 18 "Leia" in the very near future, which opens a new chapter in how Kodi is structured, how it functions, how it's used. It seems like an appropriate time to stop and draw breath, then, and take a look backwards: what's been good, what's been bad, the what-went-wells, the where-do-we-still-have-challenges.

First up, then, the positive stuff

Internally, there have been very many changes and improvements to Kodi's core code that, while not immediately obvious on the outside, make life a lot easier to both maintain and expand the application. Architectural changes, such as the move towards Python 3; support for Python scrapers and binary addons; movement of functionality out of a global/core approach and into a more local/modular system; improvements to the Videoplayer such as shader support and overall speed/quality improvements. And it's not all about the code itself: documentation has been revamped, with some superb work and good ideas on how we can better keep track of how Kodi is built.

The Kodi Team continues to grow, with new members joining us in every capacity. That allows us to be more structured with our internal processes, as well as (e.g.) bringing in more Google "Summer of Code" students to work on specific elements of the code. Indeed, a shout goes out to those GSoC students this year: good work, done professionally, seen through to the end, rolled into the application. As some of them joined us this year at DevCon, we've put effort into making that meeting more structured, constructive, focused, and more accessible to the new Team members so they feel more welcome, more quickly. We have an active team of round-the-clock moderators who work to keep our forum in shape - violations, spam, noise. Add a sprinkle of automation here and there and, hopefully, users can find what they need and get the community help they want without getting buried.

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