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Kodi News

Mon, 10 Sep 2018 16:16:02 +0000

Kodi v18 Leia - Beta 2

We hereby present you the second Beta build of Kodi v18 as we are heading towards the final release. Since we are now in Beta stage our focus will be on solving bugs and possible usability problems. So far it has been proven to be quite solid to use as a daily driver for those who were brave enough to try it out. Of course you should still keep in mind it's not a final release yet and that on any upgrade a small glitch could happen as we are still doing rework. Once you decide to give it a try it is highly recommended that you create a backup first.

Currently included

A full changelog is nearly impossible to create and in this release article we will only cover the basics. For a more extensive list you can visit our wiki page v18 (Leia) changelog which will be update along the way. From now on all v18 releases will not contain any big new features as we are focussed on bugfixing only.

Most notable fixes to mention in Beta 2 are EPG and PVR interface optimisations and Live TV related fixes. Further more there are some improvements regarding Bluray playback and menus. Of course there are several more changes which are listed on our github repository found here: Beta2 changes.

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